About Me

Hello everyone, I’m Cody Stec. I work online under the pseudonym Frankenstec and I’ve started this website to help simplify the process of learning to draw Japanese comics. (known as Manga in Japanese) I’ve seen countless websites, art galleries, and YouTube videos that have very good lessons for people curious to learn how to draw in this unique art style. But as I delved into the online art communities and spoke to novice artists, I saw many people struggling to grasp the concepts that were put forward on these sites.

My mission: To simplify lessons on drawing manga while retaining a high quality of content. To allow even novices to produce skilled drawings in the manga style.

My story: I started drawing manga over 8 years ago, when I was 15. I stumbled across Toonami late at night and was immediately drawn in. I watched as all these fantastic characters had amazing adventures and intense fights. I loved the character designs put forward. Ranging from medieval samurai, to space mercenaries. They all seemed so cool to me and I wanted to make my own.

I began to draw characters straight from my own mind, with no training in drawing whatsoever.  I also studied drawings of professional artists and drew them myself in order to form techniques needed to produce similar shapes, colors, and perspectives.

While I have had no formal training myself, I have learned so much from practice, repetition, and coaching from other artists online. I feel that this “down to earth” style of learning gives me a better perspective on what beginners are actually struggling with, and what they need in order to produce manga more easily.

My Promise: I will always be on the lookout for ways to help new artists improve their works. No questions will be rejected, and I will always be positive, kind, and energetic in assisting others. So never feel afraid to contact me either on this site or my many other social media sites.

Please leave comments on what I can do to provide a better service!


Here to help you learn to draw!