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Dixon Ticonderoga Black Hb 2

0325171344_HDRThe Ticonderoga Black pencil is one that I have been using to draw since I was in high school. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the erasers on the regular Ticonderoga pencils and I was looking for something new that would still be budget. Once I found the Black pencils I instantly fell in love. They retain the hardness of writing pencils and the eraser is slightly stiffer than the regular Ticonderoga. This means that it will not leave as much debris on your paper. This is essential when dealing with sketch paper as you won’t have to touch your paper as often to remove pieces of your eraser.

The line work is very smooth using these pencils. This is due to using HB 2 graphite. Its a nice medium hardness and allows for a lot of control. if you are not satisfied with the blacks though; I would recommend trying the regular yellow color Ticonderoga. Both are very good quality pencils for writing or sketching. Most importantly though, is that they are so cheap! You can get 96 on Amazon for only $20! That’s more than I go through in a year!

For people who are just staring out; I would highly recommend these pencils. You won’t need to spend a fortune to create high quality drawings! Its all in how you use the tools that determines what you get from them

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